1 PM EST / 10 AM PDT

Boundaries & Red Flags

3 Steps to Getting Clear on Your Boundaries and Spotting Red Flags Before You Get Hurt. 

Learn the number #1 way my clients stay safe while creating romantic connections. 

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In This Workshop



The safest way to set healthy boundaries at every stage of a relationship

Whether your just starting to date or you've been in a romantic relationship for years, having boundaries that protect your emotional, spiritual and mental health are crucial to a sustainable relationship that honors God. 


The difference between Red & Yellow flags

Ever feel like your over reacting, but you're also scared that if you don't defend yourself you'll be taken advantage of? Learn how to differentiate between Red flags and Yellow flags and where to draw the line. 


Spot Danger and Stay Safe

Dating should be fun and enjoyable, but it's hard to let your guard down when there are so many scammers and threats out there. Did you know that showing up to a date with calm, confident, joy can be your best defense against preditors?


How To Use The Life Code

This is an interactive workshop that will include group coaching and clear examples of how to use the life code to prepare for a date night and reflect upon it afterwards. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and get coached throughout the workshop. 

"Working with Lily has been one of the kindest things I've done for myself. She has helped me feel strong and secure. "


This is a must attend workshop if ...

  • You want to date but you don't know where to begin.  You'll walk away from this workshop with a plan and total clarity.
  • You've been trying to connect online (and all the men are acting sleazy) 
  • You want to know what's best RIght Now! We're coming out of the pandemic and you want to be out there, but in a smart way. 
  • You've been hurt before. You're serious about dating but your nervous because you do not want a repeat of last time. 
  • You're feeling stuck in your love life. You know you have a God-given desire for marriage, but you didn't expect it to be so hard.
  • Overwhelm hits you when you try to start dating. You've got a lot going on and you don't want to waste time especially if it means getting your heartbroken. 

A Note From Lily...

After working with women from around the world, one issue consistently stops them dead in their tracks on the path of romantic love. 

How do you show up and be vulnerable in such a dangerous world? 

Learning to spot red flags and having strong, healthy boundaries is one of the most powerful ways  set yourself up for success. This is a surprisingly simple way for you to cultivate the courage you'll need to move forward. 

My goal for you? After this workshop, you will never again say the words "I can't date because I can't trust the men out there." 

I'll show you where true security and courage come from. 

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