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31-Day Dating (without the apps) Challenge

This is the perfect time to detox and take a break from the constant bad news headlines, Tiktoc videos, and incessant scrolling / swiping.

You're in the right place, and together, we will create space for loving, authentic connection and ultimately romantic encounters to take place organically.

The methods you'll learn during this challenge are tools that will continue to help you throughout your life. You can come back to these spiritual techniques for making Godly decisions, processing emotions, and taking Holy Spirit fuelled action. Staying committed to this 31-day challenge will help you develop self-control and take back authority over your time, and build healthy habits that serve you and glorify God.

Say YES and show up for this transformative experience. I look forward to cheering you on every step of the way.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you so much for this beautiful and life-changing journey! It was deep work and I feel that it is still in effect, I keep seeing signs of it being a blessing in my life over and over. Looking back, I wouldn't have made it by myself. Social media was my main addiction. Knowing that I am not alone in this, having Lily‘s plan and guidance gave me the strength to observe the subtle impulse of picking up my phone. I could really extract myself from the online trap seconds before falling into the scrolling realm. I had the strength to do other things. Watched lectures, read books, and even did an online course. Once I came back online I had a clear intention of giving. Of sharing something meaningful. Being mindful about it. I want to mention especially the challenge of smiling at ten people. I still do it, ever since :) I found it terrifying at first and now it is a habit, it makes my day beautiful, and many people smile back! The challenge where I opened myself to forgiveness took 5000 words. All the reasons, all the stories. That one I finished over a couple of days. The permission slip for my mother and the Venn diagram for our father compared to The Father were especially liberating. I feel these things are still changing me now for the better. I noticed something changed in my parents too. Thank you so much!