10-Private Coaching Sessions

Welcome Back to Your Journey: The 10-Session Sacred Coaching Experience 🌹


Whether you're stepping onto this sacred path for the first time or returning to deepen your journey, you already know the transformative power of aligning your love life with your faith. Now, it's time to continue that beautiful transformation with the 10-session Sacred Coaching Experience with Saphire Lily Mtongwiza.


🌟 What Awaits You?

Ten Soulful Sessions: Reconnect or get acquainted with Saphire's approach, designed to break down barriers and align your romantic aspirations with your Christ-centered faith.

Your Time, Your Pace: Balance life and your pursuit of #ForeverLove with our flexible scheduling options.

Resource Oasis: Add more tools to your love toolbox with exclusive access to our spiritual and psychological resources, enriching your journey session by session.

Bundle Joy: Get the entire enriching experience at a discounted rate of $1000, a savings of $250 compared to individual bookings.

Special Bonus: As a welcome (or welcome back) gift, enjoy free access to all digital content within the Foundations For Love Membership Program.


📝 Fine Print for Your Peace of Mind

  • Therapy Note: These coaching sessions complement but do not replace professional therapy or counseling.
  • Time Frame: To keep the momentum going, please schedule your sessions within six months of purchase.
  • Schedule with Care: Rescheduling allowed with 24 hours' notice; missed appointments are non-refundable.
  • Confidentiality Ensured: Your personal journey is your own. All information remains confidential.
  • Payment Protocol: To continue on this sacred journey, full payment is required upfront.


🌹 Ready to deepen your journey towards a love that's not just everlasting but spiritually fulfilling? Secure your 10-Session Sacred Coaching Experience today.

This is your journey, and you don't have to walk it alone. Share this package with fellow sisters seeking to harmonize love and faith, and let's uplift each other towards forever love. ❤️💙 #ForeverLove #HonorTheDesire

$1,000.00 USD