Get Married To An Equally Yoked Partner


compromising your relationship with God, your standards, or your values. 

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For. 



You’re a warm-hearted giver with a sincere heart, and you just want to love and be loved. You’re ready to commit, and you want to make sure you partner with the right man. You're not willing to compromising your relationship with God but you're wondering if you'll ever find someone who meets your high standards. 


Whether you're...

  • Single as a Pringle and ready to mingle with an abundance of love to give and a burning desire for connection and belonging.
  • Been through a divorce and looking for a second chance at real love. 
  • Shy as a mouse and in search of a relationship that allows you to remain true to yourself and God.
  • Solid as a rock in your convictions and looking for a partner who is ready to strive forward with you and make an impact in the world for the glory of God.



If you already know that you need to establish a healthy relationship founded in Christ, and you've been waiting on the Lord to provide...

You’re in the right place! I’m going to tell you exactly how Ready For The One will give you the roadmap, tools, inspiration, and all the faith-based support you’ll ever need on your journey towards a Christ-centred marriage.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Prepared yourself emotionally and spiritually for an equally yoked relationship  

    instead of wasting time dabbling with men who are not a good fit for you. 
  • Validated yourself in Christ as a woman who is worth MORE than rubies, 

    rather than waiting for someone to come along and tell you, and feeling worthless in the meantime. 
  • Laid a solid foundation for your marriage that is rooted in Christ and His truth

    so that you can navigate the inevitable challenges of every relationship with grace and love. 
  • Connected with men who have the qualities and values that are most important to you.  

    and reduced the length of time between starting a relationship and announcing your engagement by decreasing the amount of uncertainty and drama. 
  • Prayerfully considered and vetted each man before making any commitments, 

    to ensure that the relationship meets yours and God's standards for a thriving marriage. 

She is very loving, wise, fruitful, and inspirational!
I love her!

Lily has been an amazing woman for me to be coached by during this season of my life. I have felt stuck and needed a way to move forward but I didn’t know how. Lily paved the way for me. She has helped me gain wisdom about love, and having a healthy relationship and she taught me great tools to help me achieve my goals. She models what a true woman of faith looks like by living a life of prayer, intentionality, love, and passion!

Melissa C. 28, USA 

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"An excellent woman [one who is spiritual, capable, intelligent, and virtuous], who is he who can find her? Her value is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls."

-Proverbs 31:10 AMP

Lily is a life coach with an incredible capacity to tap into the deep truths of the Soul and to shine the light of Divine Wisdom over modern struggles, confusion, and lies we tell ourselves. She was able to see the problems I was facing and gave me clarity on how to deal with them. 

- Simona M.


Lily has been an amazing coach for me during this season of my life. I felt stuck and needed a way to move toward my heart's desire but didn’t know how, and Lily has given me the tools and inspiration I needed. She gave me permission to truly be myself. 

- Vicky S.


Lily helped me understand what Christ’s love is like. I never learned that despite 10-years of marriage, 2-years of therapy, and a life inside the church. She showed me how my insecurities were ruining my love life. This has been the best investment ever. 

- Jael V.


What’s Inside Ready For The One


Module 1

Take Back Your Power!

When you own your love story, you get to decide what the ending will look like. Don’t let anyone other than you and God write it. 

You want a marriage that lasts a lifetime and doesn't end in divorce like so many others. 


Here’s why it pays to take full responsibility for your love life - because it gets you out of that damsel in distress mentality and puts you back in the driver seat for making Christ-centred decisions about who you choose to love and why. 


You’re going to get on the fast track to deciding who you are, what you want, and how you’re going to get it. Stop wasting time in indecision and overwhelm and start making choices that honor God and what you most want. 



  • Learn how to use The Life Code, my primary coaching tool for adopting the mind of Christ, fueling your relationships with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and developing self-control for the Glory of God.
  • Grow in your spiritual and emotional maturity so that you can make decisions about your future with integrity and wisdom. 
  • Discover your God-given desires and what you really want in a partner and map out a plan to pursue your purpose with conviction and grace. 
  • Set yourself up for success by making peace with your past and examining your daily habits to ensure and prioritize taking care of yourself so that you can avoid developing codependent habits
Module 2

Know Your Worth

You’re worth more than rubies so let it show.
Get out of your own way and start creating a love story that God can use to demonstrate His love in the world. . 

Well start by Identify who you want, what you want, and why you want it. These key decisions will give you TOTAL clarity about where you're going and how to get there. 

By discovering your true identity in Christ you can approach love and relationships from a place of confidence and assurance in who you already are. Overcome the temptation to be fake and hide behind socially acceptable masks, and embrace your core values and what makes you special.  


  • Never go on another date feeling love starved. Prevent a multitude of missteps by practicing my 7 practical principles for starting a new relationship with respect and trust. 
  • Avoid sabotaging your relationship by managing your expectations and recognizing manipulative tendencies in yourself and others. 
  • Craft an irresistible offer that attracts quality men and actually protects you from narcissists and others who would prefer to use you and waste your time. 
  • Examine your environment both online and in real life to ensure it is working for you and not against you. You’ll give your social media a makeover and get rid of the things that are holding you back. 

Module 3

Date Deliberately

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had this problem: you want to make a good first impression, so you take out literally every piece of clothing you own, try each one on, and hate it.


Then you spend almost 3 hours working on your hair and makeup and leave the house feeling like you've been hit a parade of clowns who attacked you with makeup brushes. 


Everything totally spirals out of control and getting ready has turned you into a hot mess!


Yep, Totally get it!
Done it myself no less than 3000 times. 


But then I discovered that there's an art and science to a good first impression. 


As a woman, you want to fully express your femininity, you want to look your best, dare I say, sexy, while still being modest and classy. The last thing you want to do is send the wrong signals.


You want to make sure that you’re starting things off on the right foot by presenting yourself as confident, brilliant and beautiful. 


That’s why in module 3, you’ll get access to the exact formula you need to ensure you're always sending the right signals, both online and in the real world.


Making a great first impression is a skill that you need to master in order to succeed in every area of your life and I’ll show you how to confidently step into any situation without destroying your closet.



  • Locate quality men even if you attend a small church or live in a little town. Be strategic about positioning yourself in the way of love rather than chasing after it. 
  • Write your own rules by decide on your personal dating protocol. Set your own rules according to what you feel led to through the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to help you be successful and safe. 
  • Understand the art and science of a good first impression to establish trust and honest communication right from the beginning. 
  • Transition through the dating phase efficiently while collecting the necessary information to make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed to the next stage of the relationship. 
Module 4

The Art Of Discernment

Evaluate the validity, substance and potential of a relationship to last a lifetime though the discernment of the Holy Spirit. 

Learn how to recognize and identify the 7 signs of a stable and equally-yoked relationship and confirm whether or not you're making Christ-centred decision based on truth and love. 

Determine whether or not you want to be mutually exclusive and navigate the transition between dating and courtship with poise and elegance. 

If however, you decide that the relationship doesn't meet your standards, rest assured that you'll know how to leave in peace, not pieces. 


  • Make a Christ-centred decision using The Life Code,  (one of my favorite coaching tools for adopting the Mind of Christ) so that you can have confidence in your choices. 
  • Recognize and deliberately deal with any deal breakers or redflags without judgment or bitterness. 
  • Prepare your heart for a good, goodbye in the event that he's not the one for you and don't feel pressured or obligated to entertain a relationship that doesn't serve him because he's a good guy, and he might change. 
  • Move forward with the right relationship and position yourself for marriage with these simple, easy to execute steps that will finally help you feel confident about making a lifelong commitment.

Module 5

Courting With Confidence


Nurture your new relationship while getting to know your potential partner in an authentic way and meaningful way. 

Discussing tricky topics like finances, family, religion, politics, and other tough stuff doesn't have to make you feel pushy or presumptive. 

You can have meaningful conversations that help you further validate the longevity of a relationship once it progresses beyond the wedding day.  

Learn the golden rule for establishing trust and commitment that will slash through the amount of time you have to spend waiting to see who he "really is" by practicing authenticity right from the beginning 


  • You won't want to shy away from any topic because this module will prepare you to talk about the issues that matter most with ease and confident class.
  • Prevent codependency by expressing sincere encouragement and appreciation and not seeking approval by slipping into negative behaviours. 
  • Get clarity on when to take those scary next steps like; saying I love you, introduce him to family, buying each other gifts and changing your online dating status.  
  • Protect yourself and your relationship by establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries around sex, money other important issues. Know what to do when things don't go according to plan. 

  • Celebrate and embrace the joy and excitement of a new romance that is rooted in Christ. Don't let fear rob you of all the pleasure and delight that this season of a relationship has to offer. 

Module 6

Prepare For Marriage


Prepare to confidently say "YES! & I do!" by navigating the obstacles and roadblocks that often come up in the final stretch with grace and tact. 

In this final module, you’re going to start planning for your future.
Not only will you get clarity for yourself, but you’ll be able to confidently express your hopes and dreams in a way that causes him to lean in and want to make them come true, instead of causing him to freakout.

Take your communication skills to the next level as you start talking about wedding budgets, family expectations, and your roles as husband and wife. 

Don't let unwritten expectations spoil your relationship. 



  • No cold feet! Ensure that you're making the right choice for the right reasons so that you can go all in and never look back.
  • Prepare for your wedding day by prioritizing what matters most. Don't let fear steal your joy as you cross the finish line. 
  • Finally, Yes Finally! Prepare to say I Do!!! because YOU are Ready For The One

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Ready For The One
(A $1997 Value)


  • 6 Implementation Modules

    Ready For The One is the most comprehensive program for single Christian women who want to attract an equally yoked, Godly man. It's the only program that takes you through the process of transforming your mindset, and giving you clear, practical, and actionable step by step so that you can pursue your God-given desire for marriage with confidence. 


  • A complete step by step guide

    to navigating a nurturing a budding relationship to ensure that it is good for you and brings glory and honor to God. 

  • The Life Code

    A powerful coaching tool to help you adopt the mind of Christ and make sure you never stay stuck in a compromising situation.


  • Faith-based action plan

    to move your relationship through the stages of dating and courtship all the way to the altar.


You’ll be given access to one module per week (except implementation weeks) so that you have ample time to dive into each lesson, prayerfully process the information and take action before moving on. 

I do this to protect your time, attention, and focus while sparing you from unnecessary overwhelm and confusion that might stop you from pursuing your God-given desire.

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Move Forward With Grace and Grit


Bonus 1

70-Day Daily Prayer & Devotional

This is a spiritual process and you will be asking for the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout the entire process. 

The devotional includes a daily prayer, Bible verse and journalling prompt to keep you focused on what the Lord is doing in you, and through you as you take this journey. 

Intimacy with God and spiritual growth are at the core of this program and your 70 day devotional will help take this work to the deepest level.

(A $47 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Offer a high-level overview of what’s inside the bonus in bullet point form so that it’s easy to read and conveys the benefits.

  • Daily prayer to keep you spiritually grounded throughout the entire process
  • Writing prompts focused on your spiritual development as a bride to be.
  • Stay rooted in the word with daily Bible verses that relate directly to your journey
Bonus 2

Christ-centered Community Support

A 3 cord strand is not easily broken, enjoy the blessings of a spiritual community of fellow students to keep you company along the journey. 

(A $297 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • An intimate and highly supportive Christ-centred Marco Polo community where you'll get encouragement and inspiration from myself (Lily) as well as your fellow students. 
  • Connect with other women who "get it" and overcome feelings of isolation by sharing what's going on so that you never stay stuck.
Bonus 3

She Said Yes! Surprise

I want to celebrate your success with you. Share your engagement story and you'll unlock an additional special bonus for our Brides to Be. 

(A $249 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • A special gift from Lily 
  • Bride To Be Bonus Course- Ease your anxiety and enhance your emotional wellbeing as you navigate the stress and strains of the wedding industry.
  • Plan your wedding and honeymoon without the overwhelm and anxiety.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


Ready For The One - $1997 Value


  • 70-Day Daily Prayer & Devotional- $47 Value
  • 10-week Community Experience / Group Coaching  - $597 Value
  • She Said Yes! Surprise Package - $249 Value

Pay In Full and Save + get 2 private coaching session valued at over $500.

When you add it all up, that’s a real world value of $3000.00

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

12 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Ready For The One is the most comprehensive program for single Christian women who are excited and COMMITTED to pursuing a Christ-centred marriage this year. 

When you join, you will begin a faith-based journey with a community of supportive women who are all motivated by the same God-given desire. 

Here's the best part...

By the end of these 30 days, you'll have received access to the first three modules, the Facebook community and the daily prayer and devotional. 

Meaning, you'll have had the opportunity to learn The Life Code, one of my primary coaching tools for spiritual growth and personal development, and crafted your romantic  relationship offer that help you attract the right man for you while filtering out any time wasters and narcissists. 

If you don't feel totally confident in your ability to be an exceptional wife and motivated to pursue your marriage, simply reach out, show me you've done the work, and I'll refund your investment. Full details here>>

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Ready For The One

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A One-Time Payment of



Still thinking about it?

You should give Ready For The One a 30-Day Risk Free a shot if you're motivated by any of the following.

1.You want to get it right the FIRST TIME. 

If you've been holding back from the dating scene because you don't know where to begin or how to pursue love in a way that honors God, and you're feeling scared this program will help you overcome those initial obstacles and get you started on the right path. 

More importantly, you'd prefer not to waste years of your life flirting with men who aren't able to fulfill the role you expect a man to play in a Christ-centred marriage. 

That's why you're motivated beyond measure to spend the next few month getting super clear on exactly what you want and laying a solid foundation to achieve your God-given desire. 

2. Experience has told you that you could use some help.

You've had some experience with men, but you've discovered that things don't come as naturally as you expected. 

Before you go any further, you'd like some expert guidance on how to navigate the more technical parts of starting a relationship and transitioning through the various stages. 

If you're feeling driven to dig deeper into the who, what, why and when of successful faith-based relationships you'll absolutely love what's inside Ready For The One. 

3. You've been burned before. 

Whether you've been a heartbreaker or had your heart broken you know that you could have made better decisions if you had been given a little more information. 

Perhaps you wouldn't have held on so long in hopes that he would change, or you would have known when it was time to let go. 

The best way to avoid repeating the cycle is to break it with intentional and deliberate prayer, love and action. 

4. Online dating, speed dating, and blind dating, have all failed. 

If you've already invested in putting yourself out there and you're not getting the results you want, it's time to reassess how you're using these tools. 

In Ready For The One, I teach you how to "put yourself in the way of love" without compromising on your core values. 

Whether you dating online or in real life, you'll learn the communication skills for making a great first impression, having meaningful conversations and sparking a connection regardless of where and how you meet. 

5. Heartbreak seems unbearable. 

It's not even your heart that you're worried about, it's his!

What if you meet a man who adores you, but whom you feel no romantic attraction towards?

If the idea of breaking up with someone, or getting hurt seems like too much, that this course will help you lean into the truth, that you are more than strong enough to endure the pain in the event that a relationship doesn't go the way you hoped it would. 

As they say, "it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all". 

6. Ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your dream

You're done wasting time and as long as you don't have to compromise on your relationship with God, you're ready and excited to do what it takes to get out there and attract the right one for you. 

It's true that you're excited to discover more about yourself and you know that the best way to grow is to invest in yourself and do something new and challenging. 

That's why you're looking for an opportunity to dig in deep and push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone because there's so much more to life that you're excited to embrace and experience. 

I can’t wait for you to join Ready For The One


Being confidently married to a godly man with Christ at the center of our lives is THE single greatest blessing in my life.  

It is the most powerful and exciting way to make an impact on the world while raising a family and sharing the gospel.  

My marriage allows me to grow spiritually everyday and fulfill my deepest desire to be a loving mom of two beautiful little girls. 

While other marriages are falling apart and suffering from a lack of trust, intimacy, love, and respect; a thriving marriage actually stands as a shining testimony of what is possible through the love of Christ. 

It’s the only type of marriage that gives others any real hope and the courage to believe that true love still exists. 

You can make an impact on the world through your marriage while staying true to your identity in Christ and being fully known and cherished by the love of your life. 


-Lily Mtongwiza

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