Trust Issues: Working On Them In A Christ-Centered Way

3 ways your trust issues are blocking you from a Christ-centered marriage 


How does a Christian woman build trust in a new romantic relationship?


If you want a simple, thorough guide to overcoming trust issues from a Christ-centered perspective, you've come to the right place.


Christian women worldwide struggle to get into healthy, Godly relationships and enjoy a Christ-centered marriage because they don't know how to deal with their trust issues.


In this extensive in-depth article:


I'll walk you through the step-by-step process for...

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Soul Ties 101- Everything A Single Christian Woman Ever Wanted To Know and More

guides single and strong Oct 13, 2020

Soul Ties, what are they, and how do you know if you have one? 

Soul ties have a long history of being misunderstood, especially in the church. 

These misunderstandings are particularly damaging to single Christian women who want to pursue their God-given desire for marriage.


You, like many women, might have been told that you'll never be able to enjoy a healthy romantic relationship until you break an ungodly soul tie.


Today, I'd like to shed some light on this confusing topic by providing Biblically accurate examples and definitions. I'll also give you some...

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Lies Christian Women Believe After Dreaming About Your Ex

guides Oct 06, 2020

Dreaming About Your Ex Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does. 


Dreaming about your ex can be very unsettling, especially if it keeps happening long after the relationship has ended. 

To this day, I still have dreams about an ex from one of my worst relationships. It used to bother me, and I believed I had a severe soul tie issue.


After saying many prayers and getting rid of every item from that relationship, I kept dreaming about my ex. I had been happily married for years, and yet every once and a while, my ex would appear in my dream and be trying to force me back...

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3 Ways Unequally Yoked Relationships Cause Painful Heartache


Getting into an unequally yoked relationship is something that many single Christian women are worried about and for a good reason.


While visiting the rural areas of Zimbabwe, I saw for the first time two unequally yoked oxen. It's not an uncommon sight as many people don't have large herds of cattle to choose from and so they are forced to make the best with what they have available. As a result, they end up yoking together two animals that are two different sizes.


The more significant the difference in size, the more absurd it looks. When I first saw it, I laughed and...

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An Incredibly Powerful Way To Achieve Your God-given Desires

guides Sep 20, 2020

You can achieve your God-given desire for marriage.
But, this can only happen when you choose to repent and reprogram your brain by adopting the mind of Christ.


Repentance and reprogramming are one and the same.
Doing so is hard, but it allows you to not only grow but thrive! 


Repentance is not about feeling bad about yourself and what you've done.
It's about admitting there's a better way. God's way. 
When we repent, we exchange all the lies for the Truth of God.


Repentance is not something we do naturally.
Naturally, we settle for feeling shame and go about our...

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