#017 Dating Deliberately: Honoring God in your Romantic Relationships

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Proverbs 24:26 Christian Coaching
#017 Dating Deliberately: Honoring God in your Romantic Relationships

Pursuing your God-given Desire For Marriage with Intention

How to date in a way that honors your relationship with God


The word deliberately seems to conjure up feelings of defiance and rebellion for many women when I suggest that dating deliberately is can help them draw closer to God while they're single. 

In this quick tip episode, I'm sharing my thoughts on what it means to date deliberately with the intention of pursuing a Christ-centered marriage. 

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"I love Lily and the Forever Love Podcast!...

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Trust Issues: Working On Them In A Christ-Centered Way

3 ways your trust issues are blocking you from a Christ-centered marriage 


How does a Christian woman build trust in a new romantic relationship?


If you want a simple, thorough guide to overcoming trust issues from a Christ-centered perspective, you've come to the right place.


Christian women worldwide struggle to get into healthy, Godly relationships and enjoy a Christ-centered marriage because they don't know how to deal with their trust issues.


In this extensive in-depth article:


I'll walk you through the step-by-step process for...

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Where Do You See This Relationship Going?

Are you afraid to ask this question?


Where do you see this relationship going? It's an important question to ask and an essential conversation for every couple to have.


As someone who has decided to honor their God-given desire for marriage, it's important for you to check in with your boyfriend and ask him directly, "where do you see this relationship going?


Scary, I know.


Especially if you've been dating for a while, things are going well, you have fun together, and you like each other. He even invited you over to his mother's house for dinner.


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How To Get A Boyfriend: 7 Secrets Christian Women Need to Know

Single Christian women want to know one thing: How to get a boyfriend.


But not just any man will do. 

He needs to be an equally-yoked Christian who loves the Lord, is ready to get married, and, ideally, start a family. 


You're praying and fasting and waiting on the Lord to send you your Boaz. But all you see are empty fields.


Where is he? And what is holding him up?


You're looking for a quality Christian man who will lead you and your household closer to God. You know the importance of waiting for the right one because the last thing you...

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3 Reasons dating in 2021 is better than you think

If the lockdown put your love life on hold, then you might be a little bit skeptical about dating in the new year. But, despite the obvious challenges, there are 3 reasons why dating in 2021 in the midst of a pandemic is actually the best thing for you.


It's possible that masks, social distancing, and zoom sessions are all working for you.


Now that we've all gotten over the initial confusion, people are settling into a new norm. That means it will be easier than ever before to connect with like-minded individuals who want to form a Christ-centred relationship.



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How to get a man's attention without looking desperate

The right and wrong way to get a man's attention.


If you want to get a man's attention AND have a healthy, Christ-centered relationship that can progress from dating to marriage, you have to go from, "Look at me, Look at me" to "I see you, I know you, I've got your back, and I'm here to help."


Trying to date when you're feeling anxiety, loneliness and desperation is a terrible experience for everyone involved.


But it can feel like there's no way out of it other than to try harder.


Which causes you to act more desperate, more anxious, and go home at the...

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Courting and dating are vital to a successful marriage. Here's why

Courting and dating are two essential ingredients that both work together to produce a successful marriage.


They're not opposites, and you don't have to choose one or the other.


On the contrary, you should understand and use both at the appropriate stage of the relationship.


Both courting and dating have tremendous benefits when you do them intentionally from a place of Christ-centered love.


Dating is important for creating opportunities to get to meet and get to know someone.


If you're not interested in any of the men you currently know, then...

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How To Flirt As A Confident Single Christian Woman


Are you wondering how to flirt as a Christian woman?
I mean, what are the rules? And, is it even allowed?


If you're a single Christian lady and you're trying to attract a man, you're bound to get all kinds of unsolicited advice about what's okay and what's not. People are going to tell you that nice ladies don't flirt. And I will tell you, they're wrong!


Flirting is nothing more than communicating that you've noticed and have an interest in someone. When you flirt, you're giving them an invitation to respond accordingly.


So, if you're single and eligible and you...

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3 Ways Unequally Yoked Relationships Cause Painful Heartache


Getting into an unequally yoked relationship is something that many single Christian women are worried about and for a good reason.


While visiting the rural areas of Zimbabwe, I saw for the first time two unequally yoked oxen. It's not an uncommon sight as many people don't have large herds of cattle to choose from and so they are forced to make the best with what they have available. As a result, they end up yoking together two animals that are two different sizes.


The more significant the difference in size, the more absurd it looks. When I first saw it, I laughed and...

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3 Unexpected Ways to Glorifying God Through Dating


Is it possible to glorify God through dating?

The Church has a tendency to portray dating as a dangerous wilderness that can cause you to go astray and leave you far from God.


Let's remedy that, shall we?


Today, I've got three words of wisdom and encouragement to help you glorify God through dating.


I also want to extend a quick invitation to take a transformational journey with like-minded women inside my private Facebook Group for single Christian women. 


Let's start at the beginning by recognizing the truth.
As a single woman, not only can you enjoy love...

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