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Will God Forgive Me? How to Answer this Critical Question

single and strong Apr 21, 2021

Will God Forgive Me? And, Are My Sins is Keeping Me from My God-Given Desire for Marriage? 


Will God forgive me?

I'm sure you've lain in bed pondering this question on more than one occasion. 

I know I have. 
I've also wondered how many times will God forgive me for the same sin?


There have been many dark moments in my life (especially when I was single) when I was extremely aware of my sin and asked myself that question. Will God forgive me when I know I am sinning when I am in the very act of doing something I know is wrong?


I know that God is good. His love for me is real, and His grace is abundant. But, I often believe the lie that says some things are simply unforgivable.


And then I wondered, Can God really forgive me?


Will God Forgive Me?


The answer is YES!


The answer is always yes. Yes, you can be forgiven. Even when you know, it's wrong. And, even when you think that whatever you've done is the worst thing in the world that anyone could ever do.


Here's why:
Total forgiveness is not an act of human will. Forgiveness is an act of God.


Whether someone says they forgive you or not; doesn't impact whether God can forgive you.


As Christians, we must forgive because God has forgiven us. We don't get an exception because God didn't make an exemption for any of our sins. He covered them all!


That means, if you've got an ex that you hate, God wants you to forgive him.


God's forgiveness doesn't depend on whether or not they "deserve" to be forgiven. God forgives all of us based on what Christ achieved on the cross.


We all fall short of the glory of God.


The truth is we all fall short of the glory of God.
That means all human beings have failed to keep God's statutes completely.


We often imagine that we have some special sin that wasn't covered by the cross. We know God forgives murderers and thieves, but what if you have a secret porn addiction, or you got an abortion. What if you enjoyed sinning? What if you've done something that you think is the worst possible thing? Can God's grace really cover that?


Satan has done a great job convincing us that the Blood of Christ is not sufficient. He has successfully tricked many into believing that it will require additional suffering or sacrifice to make up for our sins.


We all need forgiveness.
Everyone, without exception, requires the saving blood of Christ. That forgiveness was granted to us once when Christ took our place on the cross.


God forgive me, please.


So why do you think that your case is different?


I know it's tempting to listen to the voice of Satan with all its condemnation and mistake it for God. You might be tempted to believe that this is the wrath of God. The problem is, when you feel shame, guilt, and condemnation, you will move away from God.


And that's exactly what Satan wants.
He wants you to hide from God, just like Adam in the garden after the fall. Hide from God when you need Him and His mercy and grace the most.


There's this part of our brain that agrees with Satan when we recognize our sin knows it deserves the full wrath of God. But That is not the mind of Christ. When dealing with sin and accepting forgiveness, we must learn to think like Christ.


People always ask me;
Hey Lily, is this or that a sin?
Is masturbation a sin?
Is wearing makeup a sin?
They're great questions, and I'm happy to talk about them, but the more important question is, what are you making it mean that you have sin in your life?


Here's the thing.
You've probably been told that as a Christian, you have no right to judge others.
But not only that, you don't have the right to judge yourself either.

At the same time, you can experience incredible freedom in allowing others to judge you. 


The fact is you have no right to judge.
God alone reserves the right to judge.


You have no right to judge.


That means you have no right to decide what is unforgivable.


We have so many freedoms as the children of God, but here on Earth, in our current state as flawed human beings living in a world of sin, we have no right to judge.


You can recognize that something is a sin because God explicitly stated in the Bible many things that are sin, and we know that anything that falls short of God's perfect will is sin.


But you don't get to decide what your sin means.
Sometimes it's tempting to make the mistake of believing that since we're still sinning, God's not working. Or that we're not really saved, or we don't love God, or He doesn't love us, or something is wrong.


If you're sinning, it's because you're human.
Nothing has gone wrong.


You deal with stress, fear, anger, confusion, and all your other negative emotions in less than perfect ways, and you sin. Welcome to Earth.


Thankfully, God had a plan to deal with our sin way before Adam and Eve ever stepped foot in the garden.


Remember, The lamb of God was slain from the foundations of the Earth.
God made a plan for our salvation from the beginning.


That means there was forgiveness from God before there was sin in humans.


How Many Times Will God Forgive Me?


God will forgive you as many times as you sin.
No number is beyond the grace of God.


Can you imagine if God forgave you for the first 499 times you committed that same stupid sin, and on the 500th time, He said, that's it! As if the blood of Jesus expires after at some random number. God's love is greater than that.




Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 corinthians 13:4-7


God is not keeping score.
He is not interested in the number of times you fail but the number of times you return to Him.


Your ability to sin is no match for God's patience and love.


Furthermore, you can't see yourself the way God sees you, especially when your vision is clouded with guilt and shame.


Guilt and shame act as blinders. When we are experiencing these emotions, they make our world smaller. They limit our ideas of who we are and who God is. Satan loves to accuse us because when we believe his accusations about who we are; worthless, unworthy, unlovable, useless, we experience shame and its limitations.


Accusation Vs. Conviction


Please note, Satan doesn't waste time convicting us of sin. Satan doesn't talk about what we've done; he condemns us based on who we are.


On the other hand, The Holy Spirit addresses what we've done.
The Holy Spirit knows who we are and has decided that we are worthy because we are made in the image of God. We are worthy of forgiveness because God decided to create us as creatures He is willing to forgive.


Now, forgiveness doesn't come without sacrifice.
But there is no sacrifice that you can offer that would be sufficient to cover your sins.
And, there is nothing else needed in addition to the Blood of Christ.


So you can stop trying to compensate for your transgressions.
Instead, what you can do, is focus on what God wants for your life now.
Suffering because you messed up isn't serving anyone.


Beating yourself up because you're not a "good Christian" doesn't help the Kingdom of God, and it doesn't honor the sacrifice God made on your behalf.


God Forgive Me Prayer


Repentance is a straightforward thing.
We tend to overcomplicate it unnecessarily.


Repentance is so much more than feeling regret.
Regret does not change behavior.


I'm sure you've experienced this first hand. You feel bad about something you've done, but the next time the urge comes up, you give into it almost immediately. AGAIN!


God does not care if you feel bad, and there is nothing you can do to make up for what you've done.


What changes everything is when you change your mind.
When you know that God was right, God was right all along!


Repentance is about coming into agreement with God.
About everything.


That's why Satan works so hard to attack your mind. If he can get you to believe his simple little lies about who you are and who God is, then you will remain a slave to sin and fear, even though your salvation has been paid in full by the blood of Christ.


If you would like forgiveness from God, here is a simple prayer you can say right now.


Lord forgive me.
You were right.
I was wrong and I can't fix this on my own.
Please help me to accept your forgiveness, and to believe that the Blood of Christ is more than enough for me and my sins.

-Your loving child.


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