3 Unexpected Ways to Glorifying God Through Dating

dating deliberately Sep 30, 2020

Is it possible to glorify God through dating?

The Church has a tendency to portray dating as a dangerous wilderness that can cause you to go astray and leave you far from God.


Let's remedy that, shall we?


Today, I've got three words of wisdom and encouragement to help you glorify God through dating.


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Let's start at the beginning by recognizing the truth.
As a single woman, not only can you enjoy love and romance, but you can honestly glorify God through dating.


I want you to know this truth deep down in your heart and soul, so that shame and fear have no room to fester and rob you of the joy of experiencing love and relationships.


I spent years looking for love in all the wrong places.
One reason I did that was that I thought that what I wanted and what God wanted were two different things.


I believed that what God wants is good, and therefore what I want is wrong.


After spending a few years trying to please God failing miserably,
Do you know what happened?


You guessed it...
I quit.


No more pretending to be a nice Christian girl.
Clearly, I wasn't cut out for that.


Since my sins were obviously going to doom me to an eternity in hell, I figured I might as well enjoy myself while I could.


I think you'll agree with me when I say that the pain of believing you're condemned by God before your 21st birthday will not result in any form of glory for God.


In case you're feeling any shame or fear about being able to have a romantic relationship and a relationship with God at the same time, listen up.


Today, I want you to know that you can have both.
God Himself designed and created you to enjoy both.


Glorify God through dating as you honor your desire for love.


Stick with me here because it seems that we can all agree that marriage honors God. Yet there is a contagious fear that suggests you will ruin yourself in the journey from here to there.


This fear has caused many women to remain in hiding at home, waiting on the lord.

Others have decided to go after a relationship using the world's strategies. They're hoping that once their married, then they will be able to reconcile themself and their relationship back to God.


I think there's a better way.
One that gets you what you want, feels excellent, and honors God, all at the same time.


Stay with me now, because I'm going to show you three unexpected ways to glorify God through dating.


1. Learn Where Love Comes From.


You can glorify God through dating by discovering and appreciating the real source of love.


Most people approach dating with a lot of expectations.
They're going out in search of someone who will make them happy.


This strategy is guaranteed to fail because people don't make other people happy.
It's impossible.


Let me elaborate...
God loves you perfectly, 24/7.
And yet, how often do you truthfully FEEL the love of God?


If you're being honest, I bet you feel a lot more shame than love.
After all, you know what you're genuinely like.


But the fact is God's love is perfect, guaranteed, and continuously available, yet we don't feel it.


Now imagine the imperfect love coming from another human.
If we can't feel God's perfect love, how can we expect to feel the love from another imperfect human?


The truth is, we can't.


Our experience of love doesn't come from what someone else is feeling towards us. When we feel loved, it's because of what we're thinking.


I feel loved by God when I reflect on the majesty and grandeur of creation.
Likewise, I feel loved by my husband when I think about how much he enjoys making me smile.


We think...
Therefore we feel.


This concept is fundamental to enjoying a successful relationship.
Learn more about The CODE and how to use it to experience Fruitful love.


When we learn where real love comes from, we discover that it originates from the mind of Christ, we honor God. As Christians, we have the unique privilege of being able to adopt the mind of Christ.


If you commit to the habit of renewing your mind daily using the process I've outlined here, you will be able to achieve any God-given desire.


2. Learning To Love unconditionally

Dating helps us to experience the truth of what love is, in a profoundly personal way.
Not only will you increase your capacity to feel love, but you will also develop the ability to love others unconditionally.


Unconditional love and Christ-like agape love are the same.
You will refine this skill in the early stages of relationships, and it will allow you to glorify God through dating.


Imagine preparing for a date, and no matter what happened, you could go home after feeling nothing but genuine love for another person.


Even if...

  • He was late
  • Had bad table manners
  • Didn't have enough money for the dinner bill
  • AND, was checking out another woman right in front of you


Most women would walk away from a date like that feeling used, confused, and frustrated.


But you can honor God through dating by choosing to practice unconditional agape love instead.


The best part is, this choice is always available to you, and it feels fantastic.

It is not weak or passive. It's the most vital force in the universe.


The ability to love another human's no matter what they do is truly Christ-like.


3. Honoring Your God-Given Desires.


This last one is my favorite and probably one of the most significant sources of confusion...


By honoring your God-given desire for love and affection as a gift from God, you can glorify God through dating.


Like I said initially, The world has tricked many into believing that anything you want is wrong.


We've been told to crucify the flesh and lay down our worldly desires.


I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I'm just disappointed that they're only telling us half the story.


Did you know that you also have Godly desires?
Godly desires for sex, love, intimacy, connection, and belonging?


Yes, that's right.
That burning desire to melt into your lover's body came from God Himself!


Rather than beating yourself up for wanting sex, what if you commit to the process of pursuing that desire through Christ?


It's a crazy idea, I know!
But the truth shall set you free!


My goal is to help you date deliberately, court with confidence, and pursue your God-given desire for a Christ-centered marriage.


I want you to feel empowered to honor that vision and make the whole journey towards marriage sacred.


Would you like some company along the journey?
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And I have a few questions for you…


  • In your own words, how can you glorify God through dating?
  • How would you describe your feelings towards dating?
  • What advice would you offer to someone who feels like dating is taking her away from Christ?


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