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What RFTO Students Had To Say About The Course

rfto Feb 10, 2021
Ready For The One launched in December 2020 and students have been sharing their success stories with me from week 1. 

The insights they've gained inside the program have helped them go from feeling lost and confused, to clear and focused on the road ahead. 
That's why I wanted to share some of the feedback and stories I've had the privilege of hearing. 
The first one comes from Leigh-Ann P. 
She wrote: 
First, I wanted to say how much I have been enjoying the modules. 
For starters, I wanted to share something with you that is very interesting. So, I posted a photo in the Ready For the One Facebook group of a photo that was taken of me 1/24/11 and one that was taken of me on 1/24/21 (last Sunday).


What I did not share....was the whole story.

The reason that 1/24/11 was significant was that was the day that I got divorced ten years ago.  I have finally, after ten years, been able to consider the possibility of dating again. I have had a lot to overcome in those ten years, including a fear of men, fear that I will not be able to find a good man, fear that I will get my heart broken again, fear that if I fall in love again the man will turn out like my ex-husband, etc. 

 I just wanted to share with you how much the Ready For the One program has helped me!  It has helped me so much to be able to accept that there are Godly men out there and that there is hope that there is a Godly man out there for me! It has helped me accept that there is nothing wrong with me and has helped me with Self-Love! Thank you so much.
So, in an interesting twist....on the 10th anniversary of my divorce....I ran into my ex-husband and his wife. Now, even more interestingly, I ran into them at the very Wal Mart store where they met and started their affair. (They both worked there in management 10 years ago, but no longer work there now). 
 Even more interestingly, when I ran in to them last weekend, I was at that Wal Mart  buying myself a heart-shaped ring and sweater with hearts on it, to wear on my date night with myself. I decided to buy something significant to represent that I was "Ready for the One". So, I'm leaving Wal Mart, I have my new ring, my new sweater I just purchased, I'm headed out the door of Wal Mart, and I run into my ex-husband and his wife.  You will not believe what I did..... I walked right up to that woman and THANKED her. (Not in a bad spirit)
I thanked her that my life is so much better than it used to be! I apologized to her for the issues between one another that we have had over the years.  She told me that he was a good husband to her. I told her that I prayed for a number of years that he would be a good husband....and now he was. 
Now, this conversation was very significant for me. This was a needed step in my being able to move forward. I can really see how God is moving and setting things up for me to be Ready for The One. Your course has really played a significant role in this! I just wanted to share that with you. 

Thank you for everything-

Leigh-Ann P.

I love her story because it reminds me that God will use all things for our good. In the moment, things may seem like they will never get better, but when we step back, God reveals how he is moving in all things. 

Another RFTO student wrote: 


I feel this course put order in my life. It really answered deep core questions. It guided me through situations that really came into my life in the dating process, and the community support was priceless.
This process created a mysterious space in my heart where I was ready to meet Christ and a deep and humble Understanding of God's Mysteries has been revealed to me.
I feel so magnetized with Love at the end of this course. And it was so concise and well thought and up to date. It shows so much discernment and clean inspiration on Lily's part. I am so very grateful, dear Lily for your integrity and your amazing work of love through this program.
Thank you!

When I get feedback like this it lights up my heart. Too often we get caught up in our experience of a relationship that we forget to slow down and appreciate what God is doing in our lives. 


I love being able to help women create sacred space and time in which to connect with Jesus, while pursuing their God-given desire. 


Victoria wrote: 

What I love the most about this course is the bite-sized wisdom I incorporated into my every day and the fact that I can revisit and refresh in the future.

Meeting Lily and deciding to have her as my coach was one of the best decisions I have made because I didn’t realize just how much brain drama I had! She has really helped sift through a lot of confusion and scary, unhelpful, and untrue thoughts and I know this work was necessary in order for me to grow into the woman God created me to be and to share myself with my future husband.

I would recommend this course to the women who know they have so much love to give to the right man, are tired of the hurt, and find themselves struggling with certain beliefs/thoughts.


It's hard to be excited about the future when you're scared. The dark thoughts often show up when we least expect them and stop us from making any forward progress. 

Learning to identify where our feelings are coming from so that we can intentionally choose to adopt the mind of Christ instead, is a powerful tool for any Christian.

That tool is especially important when you're attempting to be vulnerable in an important relationship.  

Abdi, a widowed mom wrote: 

The Ready For the One course was amazing in stepping me through the phases of transforming my mind and heart to be prepared for embracing love again from God and a man He would lead me to in the future.

It was a so needed program to help me to see the fear and habits that were holding me back from signing up to an online dating situation and trying to find a man.

Lily is a wonderful and helpful coach who is well educated in what questions to ask and ideas to recommend to give you confidence and loving encouragement.


Abdi's story reminds that our God-given desire for marriage isn't about finding the right man, it's about being a Godly wife. Her desire marriage didn't go away when she lost her husband.

After grieving that loss she still had more to offer, and I am so glad that the Ready For The One program is able to help her bring that offer out of the shadows and into the light of God. 


Ready For The One is the only program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to ensure your decision to marry will honor God AND be an equally-yoked union- But Also how to date deliberately and court with confidence so that you know, deep in your heart and soul, that you’re READY to MARRY ONCE FOR LIFE.


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