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Coming Soon. The Forever Love Podcast

forever love podcast Apr 27, 2021

I'm adding something new to mix to help you pursue your God-given desire for a Christ-centered marriage. The Forever Love Podcast. 

Can you help me reach my goal?

My intention as a coach is to always give way more to you my friends, students, and clients than I ever ask for in return.

I want to help you achieve your God-given desire for a Christ-centered marriage because I believe marriage matters and we need to learn how to start them in the best way possible.

On a foundational relationship with Jesus.

But, now I need your help!

My podcast Forever Love is coming out Next Tuesday on May 4th.

I am beyond excited and I want to share this message of encouragement and coaching tools with as many women as possible.

But I can't do it alone.

Now, as a coach, I will always encourage you to set measurable goals.

So here's mine:

I want to 500 Itunes downloads in the first week.

Apparently, this helps Apple recognize that your podcast is legit, and will then help show that podcast to more people.

Will you help me?

Now, I am so excited about this that I am

🎉 Giving Away Passes to my signature course Ready For The One as prizes. 🎁

This week, all you need to do to be entered into the draw is...

  1. Subscribe to the podcast
  2. Take a screenshot
  3. Share the screenshot on social media with a short recommendation

Be sure to tag me @lilymtongwiza and #ForeverLove

Not only will you be helping me reach my goal, but you will also automatically get the first season of the Forever Love Podcast as soon as it becomes available on May 4th


You'll have a chance at receiving a free pass to RFTO (reg price $997)
Plus, even if you've already purchased the program, I'll let you gift your pass to someone you love.

If you're not an iPhone user you can still subscribe and share using this link to find your preferred listening platform. 

Thank you So Much for all your love, prayers, and support.

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