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#99: Reinventing Yourself

forever love podcast Dec 12, 2022
Reinventing yourself as a Godly wife


You did not create yourself,

but you have entirely invented your ideas about who you are. 

In today's episode, we're talking about why we must be willing to let go of all our previously held notions of who we were to embrace a fresh revelation of who we are. 

This is a scary process. 

Doing this work means intentionally stripping yourself bare of all the labels you've held on to. The good and the bad.

Survivor, warrior, saved, sinner, healthy, lazy, beautiful, ugly, making it, struggling, trying, failing, backsliding, believer.

When we come back to the child-like posture of being a blank canvas, ready and willing to learn and discover, as if for the first time, then we can see ourselves through God's eyes. This unlocks tremendous power and allows us to do things we couldn't do under our previous labels.

Reinventing yourself and starting fresh is something that you will end up doing over and over again throughout your life, but I want to encourage you to do it intentionally and wholeheartedly. Give yourself over to the process and discover what's possible.

Let's talk about how to reinvent yourself in 2023 

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