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#98: Surviving The Holidays

forever love podcast Dec 01, 2022
Surviving the holidays and getting off the emotional rollercoaster. Forever Love Podcast #98 with Christ-centered relationship coach Lily Mtongwiza


This week, we're talking about surviving the holidays and how to use this time to feel AMAZING going into 2023.

It's an emotional rollercoaster time of year, and I don't want you to repeat any of the self-defeating patterns you've experienced in the past.

Like this:

  • Decide that this year is going to be different, get pumped up, feel good about yourself, go out, get hurt feelings, go home, feel sad, eat, eat some more, beat yourself up, scroll Instagram, get mad at Cindy because her stinkin' baby is so cute and she doesn't even go to church, feel bad about judging, try to cheer up, call a friend, make plans for New Years, cancel plans for New Years, buy a gym membership and commit to losing 10 lbs instead.

This year, I will show you how to get off the roller coaster.

Instead of wishful thinking and candy cane fuelled sugar highs, we're going to focus on practical kindness.

This is important because, as a coach, I know that a lot of you Love Bombing YOURSELF, and not in a good way.
So let's break those toxic cycles and set ourselves up for connection and belonging. Okay?

Here are 10 ways to help yourself emotionally and spiritually during this season.

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