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#96: Digging Yourself Out Of A Hole

forever love group coaching podcast Nov 03, 2022
Proverbs 24:26 Forever Love Podcast


On your journey with God, you will find yourself in some deep holes.

Some of your own making and some you've been pushed into.
Here's how to get out.

In this group coaching session, we openly discussed what it's like to feel stuck in a hole and how to navigate those painful situations.

First, you need to know that some of the unfavorable circumstances you will inevitably find yourself in have nothing to do with you. Pandemics, hurricanes, floods, fires, and droughts, have nothing to do with you. 

Sometimes the holes we find ourselves at the bottom of are self-created. Indulging in toxic behaviors, action out negative emotions, and not taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions will have consequences. 

But no matter how you got there, it's important to know that there is a way out. 

Listen in as we talk about what to do when you've hit rock bottom and how to move forward with grace and dignity. 

We're talking about: 

  • Learning HOW to make peace with where we're at without losing momentum to change things
  • Why you must take the pressure off yourself to get out as fast as possible
  • Critical actions that will make all the difference 
  • What not to do when you're at the bottom of the hole


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