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#92: The Secret To Avoiding Self Sabotage

forever love podcast testimonials Oct 06, 2022
Episode #92: The Secret To Avoiding Self Sabotage The Forevere Love Podcast with Christ-centered relationship coach Lily Mtongwiza

Have you ever wished you could edit undo your life? 

I know I have! 

That's why this episode is extra special for me. 

I'm bringing back one of my favorite people to talk about how to not sabotage your efforts on your journey toward Christ-centered love.

Vanessa is here to talk about how coaching helped her avoid sabotaging her relationship with her partner as they were navigating the journey from dating to courtship and finally marriage. 

Vanessa and her husband got married in February 2022 and have been working hard to blend their lives over the past few months. 

You'll love this episode because Vanessa will share the pivotal decisions she made that helped her stay grounded in love when she was scared of getting hurt. Not only that, but she also asked me some great questions that I think you'll be curious to hear the answers to.

I also highly recommend you listen to Vanessa's first interview episode, where she shares more details about what her love life has really been like. 


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