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#91: Your Life Is Your Story

testimonials Oct 03, 2022

Meet Carmela.

She is an amazing woman who has gone from feeling hopeless and wondering if she would ever be loved to enjoying a thriving relationship that is positioned for marriage. 

Carmela is here to share what she has learned along the way. From how to deal with bone-deep sadness to embracing new ideas such as "there will be someone else."

Today's episode is a heartwarming reminder that your desire for love is from God, and you're not alone on the journey.

We also get into some very serious subject matter around creating physical safety in a relationship and what to do when you're afraid of getting hurt. She has some wise insights to offer that have served her well in her own life. 

Not only that, but she gets really honest and describes what it was like to be sitting at home twiddling her thumbs waiting for someone and being broken-hearted about life, and feeling like she never really grew up because she hasn't done the married with kids thing yet.

This moving conversation will help you stand firm in your commitment to love and embrace the challenges of such a valiant and Godly desire. 

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