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#90: [Case Study] Overcoming Obstacles On The Path of Love

forever love podcast rfto testimonials Sep 29, 2022
[Case Study] Overcoming Obstacles On The Path of Love


Are you eager to figure out this whole relationship thing?

(without the drama and confusion)

Well, so was Leigh-ann. She knew that after a messy divorce and being on her own for 10 years, it was time to pursue love again. but she didn't want a repeat of last time. She wanted to create something special that felt right and brought glory to God.

Of course, she wondered how it would be possible. There were so many obstacles!

Fast forward to today, and she is happily married to the man of her dreams (literally)

Leigh-ann took my signature course Ready For The One when I first released it back in 2019. After going through the program and doing the work, she met someone special and got married.

In today's episode, she's going to some of the most valuable lessons she learned about love along the way


  • What surprised her most about having a Christ-centered relationship
  • How she dealt with the differences in experience when it came to walking with God (She was raised in a Christian home, and he became a believer as an adult)
  • The story of how the impossible worked itself out for her good, including a funny tale about her very protective dog
  • What she would say to others who doubt whether God has someone special for them
  • How she's using what she's learned to support others

And so much more!

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