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#89: (Client Journey) How to trust the voice within

coaching forever love podcast testimonials Sep 22, 2022
Trust the voice within


Mistakes happen; how do you turn back to God and listen to His voice in a noisy world?

Have you ever made a decision in your journey towards love that left you feeling crippled with fear and shame? 

I know I have. In fact, I once had a relationship with myself that was so destructive I spent years of my life chasing pleasure because I didn't want to face what was going on within. 

I was mad at myself and spent a lot of time pretending to try and make others like me. The thing I couldn't see at the time was that I couldn't keep beating myself down if I actually wanted to become a better person.

Now I say, you can't beat yourself good. 

Please know that mistakes are bound to happen. You might think you've gone too far. Maybe you had sex, or you got pregnant, or you did something that crossed a boundary you created for yourself. 

That's why this episode is so important for me to share with you.  

This is a very special conversation between my beloved client Michele and me. She's here to share the insights and wisdom she has gleaned on her journey towards a Christ-centered marriage. 

After a full year of intentionally walking out what it means to pursue marriage from a place of love, Michele will tell us what she learned about being authentic, owning her emotions, and believing in the possibility of love. 

I appreciate Michele so much for her vulnerability and candor. She is a single mom trying to do the right thing and be honest about her challenges. From dysfunctional relationships, domestic abuse, and poverty, she understands what it means to start from the bottom.

Michele has been extremely open about her experiences being coached and was one of the first to volunteer the video recording of her coaching session to the rest of the community. That coaching session can be found here>>


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