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#86: Dangers in Dating

forever love podcast Aug 25, 2022


Recognizing the strategies and signals of predatory males is essential to your personal safety.


Although I am always encouraging you to overcome your fears and move out of your comfort zone, it is critical that this is NEVER done at the expense of your personal safety.

As Christian women, we have a tendency to try to minimize our fears. In some cases, we have been conditioned to override our natural survival instincts so that we do not offend anyone.

While the majority of the men you meet in your dating life will be perfectly safe, the reality is that others do want to kill, steal and destroy. My hope is that this episode will help prevent that from happening.

Today we're talking about Gavin de Becker's work The Gift Of Fear because understanding a predator's signals (or red flags) can save your life.

  • Charm and the importance of recognizing WHY he is being charming.
  • Typecasting and why a predator will try to give you a negative label.
  • Forced teamwork and how these men attempt to turn you into a collaborator in their plans
  • Too many details and the unsolicited promise
  • Refusal to accept NO.

These are strategies that predatory men will use to gain an advantage over their victims. Awareness of them can increase your chance of survival in a life-threatening situation.

You can watch Gavin de Becker's FREE Masterclass on Personal Safety here:  

Gavin de Becker is widely regarded as the nation’s leading expert on violence and safety. This master class is based on the concepts in his book, , the #1 bestseller on violence for 25 years.

Helping women avoid and escape domestic violence is at the heart of my work. As a child, I grew up in a very violent home and watched my mother endure years of emotional and mental abuse. My husband lost his sister to a violent partner, and we are painfully aware of how dangerous a romantic attachment can become. I hope that as I encourage you to overcome many of your fears, like the fear of failure, loss, rejection, and loneliness, you will NEVER ignore the voice of true fear, which is a gift from God.

Please join me in spreading this life-saving information so that we can keep ourselves and others safe from senseless violence.


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