#58: 3 Secrets To Overcoming Sexual Urges And Masturbation

forever love podcast Jan 13, 2022


Do you want to want masturbation? 

We have a lot of reasons and beliefs about why we want to indulge in masturbation, but is this an activity that you genuinely enjoy, or is it a false pleasure? 


In this episode, I will teach you the 3 secrets to overcoming unwanted sexual urges, especially masturbation. My goal is to help you stop in a way that is gentle, loving, and more effective than anything else you've tried. When you know where the urge is coming from and understand why it's there, you will begin to undo the wiring in your brain that makes you feel powerless.

I can help you overcome this temptation so that you can focus your energy on your God-given desires rather than wasting time indulging in false pleasures. This episode is for any woman who does not want to want this. Let me show you how you can take back control without exhausting yourself through sheer white-knuckle willpower.

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