#53: The Most Dangerous Question You Can Ask

forever love podcast Dec 16, 2021


What’s wrong with me? 


Not every question is a good question for you to use your brainpower on.

And there’s one question, in particular, that is especially dangerous. “What’s wrong with me?

This question has undoubtedly kept you up many a night, searching for the answers in some vain hope of finding the problem and being able to fix it.

This is one of the biggest traps of the enemy. 

To keep you diving deep into that pool of insecurities searching endlessly for some solution that will make you more worthy of all the love you desire.

It’s a fool’s errand because there is nothing wrong with you. 

I know, I know, we’ve all fallen short and no one is perfect. But that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. 

If you've ever felt discouraged, this episode is sure to give you some reassurance that you are loveable, worthy, and desirable. 

This is a very heartfelt message that kinda poured out of me in which I talk about... 

  • Why it's okay to be upset
  • Developing your emotional range
  • The importance of pain
  • The dangers of emotional numbness
  • Indulging in temptation and sin as a way to avoid feeling
  • Allowing yourself to feel hard feelings

Grab a cozy warm beverage, put your feet up and let's have a little chat about it. 

Listen here>> 


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