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#44: The Journey From Single To Married: An Interview With My Newly Engaged Client

forever love podcast testimonials Oct 07, 2021
Forever Love Podcast Ep #44: The Journey From Single To Married: An Interview With My Newly Engaged Client


How to make the transition from "banging your head against the wall", because nothing's working, to being engaged to an equally yoked and Christ-centered partner.


What kind of relationship do you want to create? 

What impact do you want your love to leave on the world? 


If you don't think it's possible for you to enjoy the kind of love you've been dreaming of and experience more closeness with Christ at the same time, I want you to hear Vanessa's story. 


Vanessa is a brilliant woman who cares deeply about loving those around her and promoting social change. She is a huge advocate for those in vulnerable situations and she works hard at being a thoughtful, compassionate individual. But, when it came to love and romance, she felt stuck. 

After dozens of dates and dead-end relationships, she decided it was time to get some help. After doing her homework, she connected with me, and that is when things began to change. 


Vanessa just got engaged! 


Through coaching, she was able to have deep conversations and learn the relationship skills she needed to cultivate the kind of relationship she really wanted. 


But don't take my word for it. 

Today, Vanessa is here to share her journey from as she says; "feeling like I was banging my head against a wall" to being married to a man she adores and knows will make an excellent and equally yoked partner. 

In this conversation, we talk about:


  • What was holding her back in the beginning
  • How she met her fiance
  • The 30+ dates she went on before meeting the right man
  • What her experience with coaching has been like
  • Knowing that God is in the entire process with her

This lady and her love story make my heart burst with joy and I have a feeling you're going to walk away from this episode feeling it too. 


So grab your headphones and have a listen - this is going to do your soul some good.


Click Here to listen! 

If you're thinking about taking the next step in your relationship journey and getting coached by me, you can learn more about my services here>>


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