#40: Money, Marriage, and Ministry: Serving From A Place Of Abundance

forever love podcast Sep 09, 2021

What do these three things have in common?


One fundamental factor: The ability to serve!


If you want to be victorious in any of these 3 things, you must have the ability to serve others from a place of abundance found in Christ alone.


In today's episode, we're going to have a little chat about what it takes to serve from a place of abundance and why most people are doing it wrong.


I'm also going to share with you some fundamental questions you need to ask yourself to get into alignment with the truth, especially in relation to your God-given desires.


Let me be real with you about my own excuses and what I'm doing to lay them down before the Lord, and I'm going to invite you to do the same.


My prayer is that as we get honest about these issues, we will be able to not only heal but thrive. Listen Here>>>



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Forever Love Podcast Episode #40 | Transcript


What’s your favorite excuse? 


For me, it’s that I don’t have enough. 


I hate to admit this, but I wake up in the morning, and the first thing I think is, “I didn’t get enough sleep last night.” 


Then it’s “there’s not enough coffee or milk for breakfast.” 


So now I’m not going to have enough energy to do all my work. 


And I don’t have enough time to go get more. 


And even if I did have the time, I don’t have enough money right now. 


And that’s why I need to get busy with work because if I don’t, my husband will think I’m not doing enough. 


And if he thinks I’m not doing enough, he won’t love me enough.


And if he doesn’t love me enough, then I won’t be enough. 


And if I’m not enough, What’s the point? 

Most days, it doesn’t usually go to that extreme, but it’s not hard to see how we get there, right?

And that’s why today I want to talk with you about scarcity in money, marriage, and ministry. 





Welcome to the Forever Love Podcast; I’m your host and relationship Coach Lily Mtongwiza.

I believe that money, marriage, and ministry have one thing in common. 



In the past eight-plus years, I noticed that as I developed my capacity to serve, the more I can enjoy my marriage - and all relationships, the work I do, and the money I create. 


And sometimes that’s hard. 


Because it requires giving from a place of abundance without expecting something in return. 

So in the next 12 minutes, you and I are going to have a little chat about what it looks like to flip the script on giving and receiving so that you can actually have what you desire. 

Today, I want to talk about where most people are getting it wrong and what you can do to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap. 

The first thing you need to understand is that most people expect other people to give them what they need. 

We think that the things we need come from other people. 


We assume that the love we need comes from someone else. 


We believe that we need OTHER people to want us, protect us, be friends with us, provide for us, accept us, and believe in us. 


But the truth is, all of that is an inside job between you and Christ. 


All the love, security, acceptance, and ANYTHING else you think you need are already given. 


The real question is… 


Can you offer it to yourself? 

I’m sure you’ve heard the metaphor of your life being like a house, and Jesus is standing at the door asking to come in. 

Now, if you’re a Christian, I’m going to assume you’ve let him in. 

But now, imagine that you’re sitting in the house with Jesus wishing you had someone who would love and accept you. 

It’s like we’re looking out the window, hoping someone else is going to come down the road, knock on our door, and bring us some additional love, acceptance, and fulfillment. 


And Jesus is saying to you, “don’t worry, I came with all of that. Here it is!

It’s sitting right there on the coffee table, waiting for you to open. 

And yet, we’re resistant to that. 


Or at least I was. 

And if you’re anything like me, you want that external validation. 


You want someone from the outside to come in and tell you you’re worthy, you’re pretty, you’re important, and you’re needed. 

Even though those truths are sitting right in front of us. 

And it should be self-evident, but it’s not. 

So what do you do? 


Because if you want to have a victorious marriage or ministry of any kind, you’ve got to be able to receive what has been given to you by God. 


And stop expecting to get it from man. 

Now, the reason I wanted to talk about Money, Marriage, and Ministry altogether is that we can usually receive in one of these areas pretty easily but then not in another. 


For myself: I find it easy to receive love because I have an inherent belief that I deserve to be loved. 

But I struggle to receive money, and it’s not easy for me to let other’s minister to me. 


I was raised to think that you have to work hard for money, and it doesn’t come easily. And because I’ve practiced that thought so many times, it’s become my reality. 

And I’ll tell you, that sucks. It’s what we call a limiting belief. 


We all have them. 


They are these invisible scripts, these lies that we make real because we fuel them with intense emotions such as fear. 

Thankfully, you and I both have the opportunity to re-write the script and teach ourselves to unbelieve what we thought was plain as day and practice believing the truth of God instead. 


This is what I mean when I talk about adopting the mind of Christ. 


It’s the process of intentionally laying down those negative, unhelpful beliefs that don’t serve you. 

And I want to take a second to remind you that we need to be mindful of what serves who. 


For example: when money serves us, it answers all things.

But when we serve money, it is the root of all evil. 


Whenever we subvert the relationship between the thing that serves and the one it serves, we create idols and have problems. 


This is true for marriage as well. 


When we value marriage more than we value the people in it, it becomes a trap.


When ministry begins to serve someone’s ego instead of the needs of others, it becomes a cult. 

The point is, we need to make sure we’ve got our taps flowing in the right direction. 


The Bible tells us that:

'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'”

So please don’t expect your needs to be met by something outside of yourself. 


It is Christ WITHIN that will meet your needs, and from there, you can serve and give from a place of abundance. 

The last point that I want to make is this… 


When you take the time to refuel from the inside, and you do the work of accepting the abundance available within you through Christ, you can begin to bear the fruit of your God-given desires on the outside. 

So let me ask you a question, and I really want you to think about this.

In fact, I’d encourage you to get your journal out after and take a page or two to really consider your answer. 


When you don’t do something that is in alignment with your God-given desires, what’s the main reason? 


What’s your good excuse. 


Mine is usually that I don’t have enough. 


I don’t have enough money; I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough experience. I don’t have enough patience. I don’t have enough motivation. I don’t have enough energy.

And I usually imagine that there is this magical place in the future where I will have enough. 


A time when I will have the money, the motivation, the time, the energy, and things will all be easier because I have what I need.


And this is one of those lies that’s so easy to believe. 


I mean, I can find so much evidence that it’s true. I can look at my bank account and my schedule and my body and just decide that there’s not enough.

Best of all, I can get people to agree with me. 


And then it’s a done deal. 


But what if it’s a lie. 


What if I have enough and I am enough, and all my excuses are just that. Excuses. 

Then, what will I have to say for myself? 


What will I say when I stand before God, and He points out that He gave me everything I need? 


Then what? 

My hope for you today is that this episode will serve as an important reminder that you are enough and you have enough. 


We are all really attached to our excuses. 


We believe in them with fervent devotion. I know I am, and I know you are, too, because that’s just human nature. 


Our excuses are this protective armor that explains away the emptiness in our lives. It defends us from the judgment we are anticipating from ourselves and others. 


But the funny thing is, they’re no excuse before the true judge. 


He sees them for what they are. 


They are stories we believe that are keeping us stuck. 


And I just want to encourage you to become aware of your own stories and how they are affecting you in the area of money, ministry, and marriage. 


How are your stories preventing you from showing up and creating more? 


How are your stories getting in the way of your ability to serve? 


Take some time to prayerfully think about it and then ask yourself this last question.


What would happen if I didn’t believe that anymore? 

That’s it, my friend.

Until next time. God Bless You.


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