#38: How To Serve Others By Creating And Selling A Digital Course With Amy Porterfield

I wanted to help women prevent divorce ever since I realized how good the right relationship could me. But learning how to pursue such an important ministry didn't come easily. But God always provides teachers and opportunities to learn from those who have gone before us. That's why it is my pleasure to introduce you to my friend and mentor, Amy Porterfield.

Amy is the brains behind Digital Course Academy, the program joined in 2020 that allowed me to create and sell my signature course Ready For The One. Her program has helped me in ways I could’ve never predicted, but more on that later. 

Today, Amy and are talking about how owning your own business can be a blessing for your marriage, why alpha-type men are attracted to boss ladies, how entrepreneurship can strengthen your relationships skills and so much more!

Amy is known to be a step-by-step kind of girl and she tests everything she teaches first-hand, so when I joined her FREE Bootcamp in 2020, I knew I was in good hands.

And guess what?

Amy is offering (for FREE) another Digital Course Kickstarter: 30 Day Bootcamp.

And because I know digital courses *might* be something on your mind, I wanted to make sure you could join right away!

So even if you’re not 1000% sure a digital course is right for you, that’s ok -- the Bootcamp is FREE and it’s a great way to discover that the ideas you’ve been sitting on are *actually* great ideas.

Sign Up Today at Proverbs2426.com/freedom


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