#36: The Modern Christian Bachelorette With Thobile Mogorosi

forever love podcast Jul 29, 2021

Getting tired of the waiting game?

Sometimes it can feel like you are stuck spending some of the best years of your life just waiting for your "real life" to begin.

But, Thobile Mogorosi, my guest for this episode, and I are determined to show you that there is a better way.

Talking about your desire for marriage shouldn't be something we hush or try to hide.

I know... You've been told to just wait and let it happen. But as I've said before, marriage is not something that just happens to you.

Marriage is something you co-create with Christ.

And along the way, it's a good idea to get some Christ-centered input from those who have achieved what you'd like to create.

That's why Thobile has put together a very special Summit with over 25 guest speakers including myself and Stephan Speaks, to equip and encourage you on the road ahead.

In this episode, Thobile gives us the inside scoop as to how her personal journey, which took over 40 years, inspired her to turn around and help others achieve a Christ-centered marriage with more grace and freedom.

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