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#35: Err On The Side Of Love

forever love podcast Jul 27, 2021
Err on the side of love. Forever Love Podcast with Lily Mtongwiza

The Real Reason Why Biblical Isn't Always Best And What You Can Do Instead. 

Making Christ-centered decisions from a place of love in your journey towards marriage.

In today's episode, we're having a little heart-to-heart about spiritual growth and why it's sometimes necessary to outgrow the rules. 

A lot of women want a Biblical marriage, and while that sounds like a beautiful thing, it's not as healthy or appropriate as we might imagine. 

I always encourage women to pursue a Christ-centered marriage and to do that, I suggest that we learn to err on the side of love. 

The problem is, we don't like to be wrong. We don't want to err. And so we stick to the rules. But legalism in relationships does not allow it to flourish or thrive. 

We need to set rules and expectations in the beginning, but as time progresses and the relationship develops, you will find that some rules no longer serve you and at that point, it's okay to let them go. 

Please enjoy today's podcast for a refreshing look at rules and relationships.


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