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#31: Embracing The Unexpected

forever love podcast Jul 08, 2021
Embracing the unexpected

Unexpected things will happen on your journey towards a Christ-centered marriage.


Let's talk about which expectations you should hold on to, and which to surrender along the way. 


There's a bit of an age gap between my husband Lovingson and I.


And that was an unexpected difference on my path towards marriage.


Last night, I was thinking about all the unexpected twists and turns there are along our path in life. That inspired me to do a short candid episode about the lessons I learned along the way, and the danger of wholeheartedly believing our own imaginations of what life will look like.

If you've ever struggled with wondering what your life will look like and also tried to faithfully hold on to a vision, this episode has some important tips that will help you clarify where you should set your expectations and where you can afford to loosen up.

Also, Forever love is about 50 downloads away from hitting our next milestone of 2000 episode downloads.

I think it would be a ton of fun to double our celebrations by reaching that milestone today.

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