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#15: Stop Coping Biblical Behaviour And Start Asking "WWJT?"

forever love podcast single and strong May 13, 2021

Biblical womanhood isn't about copying what women in the Bible did. 

Discover the power of asking "What Would Jesus Think", and let this question guide your decision-making. 


I can still hear the girls in elementary school, "stop copying us, stop following us."


I was not one of the cool kids. I was awkward, my clothes were embarrassing, and I smelled funny because I lived on a farm.


Longing to fit in, I would make these sad little attempts to be like everyone else. One day, I even used a big black permanent marker to draw a checkmark onto a plain white thrift store T-shirt so that I could sport a Nike shirt to school.


Needless to say, that did not get the response I had been hoping for.


Over the years, I've learned an important lesson about copying, especially as it relates to being a Biblical woman.


It's not about copying the behaviors of Ruth, Rebecca, Hanna, or Mary.


Just because Ruth lifted the covers and snuggled under to get closer to Boaz doesn't mean you should. Just because Rebecca got married to Isaac without too much effort on her part doesn't mean that's how your story will go.


In today's quick tip episode, I want to share a special message with you that I believe will be a game-changer in your journey towards a Christ-centered marriage. It's important to stay focused on what you need to do, and while it's good to have examples of what is possible, I want to talk about letting go of our temptation to copy the actions of others instead of allowing God to direct our footsteps.


If you're ready to start being more intentional about how you approach your season of singleness and your God-given desire for marriage, this episode is waiting for you to enjoy.




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