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#118: Exploring the Spiritual Dimensions of Love

forever love podcast Aug 10, 2023
#118: Exploring the Spiritual Dimensions of Love. Forever Love Podcast with Saphire Lily Mtongwiza.  Embrace the spiritual dimensions of love to experience a relationship that transcends the ordinary.

Seeking Sacred Love: A Dive into Faith and Relationships


Delve deep into the role of faith, prayer, and spiritual practices in finding and nurturing lasting love.


In today's episode of Forever Love, we'll embark on a soulful journey to unearth the spiritual dimensions of love. As a Christ-centered love and relationship coach, I guide single Christian women to honor their God-given desire for love and marriage. My name is Sapire Lily Mtongwiza, and I'd love to invite you to dive deep with me into the profound connections between spirituality and relationships.


Episode Highlights:

  • Embrace the spiritual dimensions of love to experience a relationship that transcends the ordinary. 
  • Recognize the profound depth and purpose that spirituality brings to love.
  • For a Christ-centered partnership, clarify your values and seek a partner who shares your spiritual beliefs.
  • Engage in daily practices like prayer and reflection to nurture your relationship with God.
  • Create shared spiritual experiences that deepen your bond with your partner.


This episode was crafted from the depths of my heart, hoping to guide you toward understanding the spiritual facets of love. My mission as a Christ-centered relationship coach is to bridge the gap between spirituality and love, helping you to form a deep, meaningful, and lasting bond.

By integrating spiritual practices into your relationship journey, you not only create a path to discover your partner but also to rediscover yourself. I hope this episode will enlighten, empower, and inspire you to honor your God-given desire for love.


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