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#108: Permission To Be Yourself

forever love podcast Mar 09, 2023
Forever Love Podcast Ep 108: Permission to be you




SPOILER ALERT: This podcast includes a permission slip to be yourself. Right now. Just as you are.


Keep reading if you're ready to celebrate the fact that there's nothing "wrong" with you.


Because today I'm popping into your inbox with a brand new podcast episode about the ways in which I'm choosing to be myself and how you can too.

When you listen, you're going to feel seen, and capable of shedding off the old and embracing the new.

We are all constantly growing and changing, and that's scary because people expect us to stay the same. When you acknowledge the differences, you create space for rejection. Some people might not like the new you.

So let's talk about it.

I've gone from trying to make everyone happy to trying to operate from love and integrity,

And that, my friend, is a lonely, scary wilderness place to be.

You must accept yourself first to be known and loved for who you are.

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