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#106: Biblical Dating Vs. Christ-Centered Dating

forever love podcast Jan 26, 2023
What's the difference between Biblical dating and Christ-centered dating. Forever Love Podcast with Lily Mtongwiza

What does it mean to date Biblically, and does it honor God?

Let's talk about why I advocate for Christ-Centered Dating 

I've talked to many women over the years, and one thing that comes up repeatedly is shame. 

Shame for being single.
Shame for not dating "right."
Shame for wanting a relationship. 

My heart breaks for the women who are listening to the still small voice within and being criticized or feeling utterly confused because their life doesn't match up with what people say it should look like. 

Today's episode is a bit of a rant. I don't have all the answers, but I can tell you what I see to be the fundamental difference between Biblical Dating and Christ-centered dating. 

It's this. 

Biblical dating focuses on the right actions. 
Do what the Bible says. Submit yourself to the Lord and male authority, and don't ask questions. 
It's cold. It's full of problematic and often toxic messages - not from the Bible itself, but from those who use it to make their case. Biblical dating tends to be legalistic and is often weaponized. 

While I am sure there are many cases where this isn't true, and there are supportive Bible-based resources out there for women. But, my experience is that most authors, pastors, blogs etc are doing women a disservice when it comes to teaching about the principles of living life as a Godly woman in search of an equally yoked partner. 

On the other hand, Christ-centered dating is about relationships. 
Of course, I can only speak for myself, but the way I teach it, it's about adopting the mind of Christ and cultivating the fruit of the Holy Spirit as fuel for whatever actions you take. 

Christ-centered dating is about doing things in truth and in spirit. It's about loving the lord with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength. And it's about loving others as yourself. So there's naturally a big emphasis on self-love and loving from abundance rather than scarcity. 

Please enjoy today's episode and if it helps you, please consider sharing it with others. 

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