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The Most Engaging Challenge For Single Christian Women Who Want To Establish Authentic Connections With Godly Men. 


The 31-Day Dating (Without The Apps) Challenge helps you detox from digital distractions and shows you how to create meaningful connections in real life and, more importantly, grounds every action you take in your primary relationship with Christ. 


Before I tell you all about this incredible challenge, let's talk about who it's really for...


You're a big-hearted woman who is doing amazing things in the world. You strive to do your best and you don't settle for less. 

  • You value stability and work hard to provide for yourself and serve others from a place of generosity and abundance. 
  • You're not afraid of change, and you embrace adventure and challenges when you know that they help you grow spiritually and lead you closer to Christ.
  • You want to be loved and you crave romance, but you're tired of trying to find it online, and you know that there must be a better way to meet quality men and form meaningful connections in real life. 

Hi, I'm Lily, and you're in the right place!

I'm here to help you stop wasting time swiping through profiles, and take that digital break, you know you need!


There’s nothing wrong with online dating, but if digital distractions are keeping you from experiencing the authentic connections you truly long for, it’s time for a digital detox so that you can reconnect with yourself, God, and your future.

By the end of this Challenge,

you will have…

  • Entered into a new season of spiritual growth, emotional transformation, and Christ-like surrender so that you can make authentic connections in real life 
  • Allowed yourself the time and space to calm down and enjoy the season you're in, while intentionally taking action that honors your God-given desire for love and marriage. 
  • Practiced being magnetic and desirable, allowing yourself to feel alive and in tune with the still small voice within. 
  • Done away with the destructive pattern of turning to false pleasures, such as social media, Netflix, and other digital distractions that keep you feeling isolated and disconnected from yourself and others
  • Experienced the benefits of spending an entire month on YOU! Intentionally working on your spiritual and emotional life so that you can let go of the past and step into something new. 

"Lily is one of the most down-to-earth yet spiritually-minded teachers you could find. I love the way she inspires me to trust myself and honor my God-given desire for love and marriage."


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What’s Inside? 

Are you curious about what exactly you'd be signing up for with this 31-Day Challenge?

Well, no need to wonder because I'm laying it all out.

Here it is;

DAY 1: I’ll help you unapologetically unplug from the interwebs so that you can create space for your God-given desire for love!

DAY 2: I’m hooking you up with a practice to help you process your emotions, especially when your thumbs start to get fidgety.

DAY 3: To date and court with Godly purpose, you must become a YES for God’s will in your life. On Day 3, you’ll become super clear about God’s will for you.

DAY 4: It’s all about reducing stress and letting go of control. This is not easy, my friend, but I’ll show you how!

DAY 5: This lesson is about the importance of cultivating the fruit of the Holy Spirit as fuel to create your God-given desires.

DAY 6: On this day, you’ll receive a guided meditation that will help you lean into your God-given desires.

DAY 7: This lesson will teach you that good people (men) want to connect with you.​

DAY 8: On this day, I teach a beautiful practice for letting God lead you towards love

DAY 9: This lesson will help you deal with boredom and practice patience constructively!

DAY 10: We'll be diving into appreciation in this lesson so that you can enjoy more of what you want and less of what you don’t

DAY 11: Here, you will discover the power of a smile through a guided meditation that helps you cultivate a spirit of belonging.

DAY 12: Being Desirable. This lesson will improve your ability to attract an equally yoked partner.

DAY 13: Super Important: Stop apologizing for letting go of toxic people and cut the ties that keep you bound spiritually. I will teach you how.

DAY 14: This practice will teach you to let play and fun back into your life.​

DAY 15: I’ll teach you how to attract love at the soul level rather than the physical level.

DAY 16: This lesson will help you reassess what you need to change in your life and what has to happen next. 

DAY 17: Focus on the kingdom of God and how your desires for love and marriage fit into His perfect purpose.​

DAY 18: The focus of this lesson is to let go of the scarcity mindset and recognize the true potential of everything around you.

DAY 19: I’ll teach you how to guard your heart with love, not from it.

DAY 20: It’s about learning to surrender and receive. We’re going to talk about how to let good things (aka a qualified partner) into your life.

DAY 21: Forgive yourself for everything you think you've done that has spoiled your shot at real love.​

DAY 22: Forgive those who hurt you and whom you secretly blame for ruining your life.

DAY 23: Deal with your Mom issues. Whether you’re 26 or 66, we all have them and need to work through them again and again.

DAY 24: Deal with your Dad issues; again, we all have them.

DAY 25: Hostile siblings and other relatives; make peace in your heart, so they no longer have power over you. I’ll show you how.

DAY 26: Break chains from previous romantic relationships. You’re ready to make a clean cut and heal your heart.

DAY 27: Breathe! You’ve done incredibly powerful work this week, and today you’ll enjoy a restorative meditation to help heal your heart.

DAY 28: This lesson is about clearing out clutter. You’ve been carrying more burdens than you realize, and it’s time to let them go.

DAY 29: Take a quiet day. This is a day for listening, and I have the perfect steps to help you hear that still, small voice a little more clearly.

DAY 30: Prepare for reentry into the online world on your terms

DAY 31: Invite the online back into your life. (If you want to.)


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Here's what you get:


  • The challenge starts as soon as you register and goes for 31 days straight.
  • Each day in, you will get an email from me directing you to a short audio lesson about how to unplug from the online world and reconnect with the real world so that you can meet a Godly man organically.
  • Each lesson has an easy action step that will help you effectively change your relationship with tech and improve your relationship with God, yourself, and others.
  • The challenge includes its own portal where you will be able to access all the content and come back to it as often as you like. It's all yours to keep. 
  • Anyone who completes the challenge will be eligible for a chance to win a private coaching session with me.

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Listen To The Audio lesson For Day 1

Day 1 Audio Lesson
Listen To A Sample!

Are you still thinking about it?


I know it looks like a lot, but it's broken down into bite-size lessons of no more than 15 minutes a day. The action steps will be simple and easy to complete.


Plus, I will be doing a live Q&A each month, and everyone who finishes the challenge will be eligible for a draw to win a private coaching session with me.


I know how hard it can be to make changes in your life without a clear plan, accountability, and timeframe. It can be a roundabout process of one step forward and two steps back. I designed this challenge for you to help you make a significant change in your life that allows you to experience authentic connection, belonging and romantic love.


The 31-Day Challenge is PERFECT for you if you're ready for meaningful connections, and you'd enjoy daily encouragement and instructions to help you honor your God-given desire. 

I can’t wait for you to join the challenge.


I created this challenge for you because I know it takes time to retrain our brains and fully believe that God's plans for us are good and that He has given you the desire for marriage for a reason. 

If you desire a Christ-centered marriage, I believe it's 100% possible for you to fulfill it. 

My goal is for you to know deep in your heart and soul that you are 100% worthy, lovable, and magnetically attractive. 

AND there are Godly men in this world who are single and would be honored to have you as their wife.


YES! I said, MEN. 

You've probably thought, "there are no good men out there," but I believe the exact opposite.

I believe that there are many opportunities available for you to choose and partner with an equally-yoked man who will cherish and adore you.

When you begin to step out in faith, I know that you will start to create new possibilities and be an example of what is possible through Christ.

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