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Hi, I'm Lily. 
I love helping single women get married. 

If you're ready to commit to your God-given desire for a Christ-centered marriage, book a coaching consultation today. 

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Welcome to the Best Podcast for Single Women Who Want to Honor their Desire For a Christ-Centered Marriage

Encouragement, inspiration, tools, and coaching to help you Date Deliberately, Court with Confidence, and Pursue your God-given desire for a Christ-centered marriage.

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The kind of love that is intimate, equal, intentional, unconditional, and most importantly, founded upon a relationship with Christ.

Benefits of Learning with Lily

Lily Mtongwiza is a relationship coach who specializes in helping single women pursue their God-given desire for a Christ-centered marriage.

Renew Your Mind

Learn how to adopt the mind of Christ so that you can intentionally redirect your thoughts in ways that serve your highest good and God's greatest glory. Your thoughts are the seeds of your vision. Sow them with Christ. 

Cultivate The Fruit of The Holy Spirit

Your emotions don't have to be overwhelming. Learn to manage your emotions and use the Fruit of the Holy Spirit to Fuel you. 

Pursue Your God-given Desire for Love

Your marriage is a collaborative and cooperative effort between you and God. Embrace the work and honour that desire which God Himself has placed in your heart. 

Your Marriage Matters

NOW, is the best time to lay a rock solid foundation for a life-long relationship that reflects the love of God.

Pursue your God-given desire for marriage in 3 simple steps...

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Feel better as you discover that you have total control over your emotions, and can cultivate them at will. 

Take Fruit-Fuelled Action

Move towards your Christ-centered marriage by taking action fueled by the fruit of the Holy Spirit. 

"I have come away with so much from coaching with Lily. I can see the Lord at work through her, how He is speaking through her, and answering so many questions I have had about myself and my journey. I have come away with golden nuggets that have unlocked a lot for me where before I was feeling stagnant/confused. She is truly amazing "

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Honor Your God-Given Desire For Marriage

The best time to prepare for marriage is now, while you’re single!


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